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I had to tell where I went yestrday and what I did.Yesterday you said you could provide a review like you gave your students on past tense if I wanted-could you post it for me? I'd appreciate it-
1.Yo fui a la farmacia. Compré medicina.

2. Yo fui a la casa de mis primos. Yo preparé la comida ayer.

3.Yo fui al rancho.

Monté al caballo.

4.Yo fui la escuela. Yo estudié.

5.Yo fui a la casa de mi amigo.

Yo visité.

6. Yo fui al hospital. Hablé con el doctor.

Yo fui a la bibliotec. Leí unos libros.

7.Yo fui al cine.

Miré una pelicula.

8. Yo fui al museo.

Miré el arte.

9.Yo fui al restaurante.

Yo bebí café.

10.Yo fui a la heladería.

Compré helado.

11. I had to use indirect pronoun. ¿Hablas a tus amigos? Sí, les hablo a mis amigos.

12. use indirect pronoun-¿Nos mandas una carta a nosotros?Sí,mandamos una carta a nosotros.

  • Spanish-SraJMcGin please check -

    I forgot to number this one-it was between #6 and #7. I should have put an "a" in biblioteca" Thank you
    "Yo fui a la bibliotec. Leí unos libros."

  • Spanish-SraJMcGin please check -

    4. Just remember "ir + a" because every time you say where you go, went, etc. you need the "a" to express "to" = Yo fui a la escuela.

    5. Yo visité = doesn't seem enough? (I visited?) so you could say Yo visité a mi amigo. OR, if you have had object pronouns = Yo lo visité.

    6. spelling of "la biblioteca"

    7. another accent on película

    12. Many students have difficulty answering Spanish questions. If you do, this is my suggestion for the "steps" to follow.

    1. Look at the Spanish question. ¿Nos mandas una carta a nosotros?

    2. Give the English. Do you send/Are you sending a letter to us?

    3. Answer FIRST in English. I send/am sending/do send a letter to you-all.
    Note that in the question the verb is singular. That means that in the answer the verb must be singular also. ¿tú? answer = yo

    4. Now put that into Spanish. Sí yo les mando una carta a ustedes.

    5. A more sophisticated exercise that you will no doubt have later is to look at the ANSWER and come up with the QUESTION!

    I have not forgotten the Preterit Review. I just have to find it when I get my computer desktop clear! I'm working on about 3 things at once!


  • Spanish-SraJMcGin please check -

    Thank you so much for all your help-you really explain things in an easy to follow format

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