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Nick is chief engineer in a phosphate fertilizer plant that generates more than 1 million tons per year of gypsum, a waste collected in a nearby pile. Over many years, the pile has grown into a mountain containing 40 million tons of waste. There is little room at the present site for any more waste, so a new gypsum pile is planned. Current environmental regulations call for the elimination of acidic water seepage and groundwater contamination by phosphates and fluorides. Nick's design for the new pile, which has been approved, incorporates the latest technology and complies with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state regulations. However, he also knows that the old pile—although exempt from the current regulations—presents a major public hazard. When it rains, acidic water seeps through the pile, carrying phosphates into the groundwater. In a confidential report to management, Nick recommends measures that will prevent the seepage from happening. His company turns down his proposal, stating that, at present, no law or regulation demands such remedy.

(I need help answering these questions based on the problem)

What is the objective for which you are striving?
Are you comfortable with that as your purpose?
Does your purpose hold up when you look at yourself in the mirror? Can you take pride in the solution you have developed? Is there any false pride or self- doubt involved?
Have you taken the time to think through all the ramifications of your solution? ( The virtue “ temperance” plays a role in this P.)
Are you sticking to your guns and not being dissuaded by other demands? Have you given up too soon on finding a solution that is fair and balanced to all concerned?
Have you taken the time to focus inside yourself to be sure every-thing fits with your ideals and beliefs?
How does the solution fit into the “ big picture”?

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    It seems to me that almost all of what you must write is what you think about "this and that." In fact, with no actual insight into the recommendations Nick has made, there is no way for an outsider to judge the merits of the proposal.

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