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i find many information on internet of invasion of italy during world war 2 but it not tell me straightforwardly how italy get involved in it and what it really about. it was invasion of sicily. I think british only fight off germans, but how italy involved in that? just cause of being allied with germany or another issue?

if anyone know invasion of italy please tell me information about it so i understand. i look on internet so much and i get sites they help little but still i lack to understand how, what, where, when, why, who.

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    Read lots and take good notes.

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    thanks writeacher i read the sites but lots things not make sense to me, i ask you is there a simple english translator that i translate all that too?

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    What is your native language?

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    it arabic writeacher and i also learn punjabi from friend, but i wonder no simple english translator? cause i understand english but only words simple

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    There is no simple translation for this topic. Just about everything about WWII is not simple.

    Go here:
    Find the Arabic link (top one) at the left under the word Languages.

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    Phase 1, Germany and Italy allies.
    British and Americans attack Sicily from the South. Drive Germans and Italians into Northeast corner (City of Messina) near the boot of Italy. Germans and Italians escape across Straits of Messina to mainland Italy.
    Phase 2
    As British and Americans land at Salerno near Naples in Italy mainland, Italy surrenders and Germans take over Italy totally.
    Germans counterattack and fight goes on for months. British and Americans send another force ashore closer to Rome at Anzio but it still takes months to finally capture Rome due to the mountains and German army.
    Phase 3
    The war dragged on in Italy until nearly the end in 1945 but many of the British and American soldiers were drawn off from the war in Italy to attack France from the South and help the other allied forces that landed at Normandy invade Germany.

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    thanks Damon very much what you wrote very easy to understand. thank you

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    i ask you any part of world war?

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    I can try to help. My father was killed in that war.

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