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Do you teacher love my story so far. I just want to share with you. I'm not done with the story this is the beggining of it. It's a short story, the title of my story is Forbidden Love.

Once Upon a time there was a beautiful princess named Sonya. One day while she was on the field to check on the flowers she meets a handsome leprechaun name Justin, they both fall in love with each other the moment they met, but they don’t know if they love each other. There’s one problem, the problem is that her father forbidden her to fall in love with non-royal people (which also mean marrying them). When Sonya’s father finds out that she is seeing Justin they end up having a huge argument, Sonya explains to her father on how much he loves him and he may be the one.
“Father please!” cried Sonya. The moment we meet I knew he was the one father; I really love him a lot.
“No Sonya!” said her father. He is a leprechaun for crying out loud, you follow my rules princess no non-royal prince. If Justin was a prince then I would let you marry him but since he’s not that’s a no. Besides you don’t even know if he loves you back.
“Father what if he does love me, you know that we can be together forever” said Sonya
“That’s enough Sonya now go up to your room” said Father. You will never see him again.
With that last sentence Sonya ran up to her room crying. Sonya began missing Justin. With all that crying Sonya had a wonderful idea. In order to see him she plans to sneak out of the house ever night. One day she sends Justin a note explaining what had happen
Dear Justin,
It was really sweet meeting you today but there is some bad news. The bad news is that my father forbids me to see you again. I have a way we can see each other, every night I can sneak out of the castle to see you.
Please reply
When Justin receives the letter a few days letter he agrees and replies back.
Dear Sonya,
I read your letter, I agree with your plan. What day do you want to meet?
Please Reply

  • Love Story (just to share) -

    I hope you plan to edit it for run-on sentences, grammar, verb tense consistency, and punctuation.

  • Love Story (just to share) -

    1. Decide first of all if you want to tell the story in the Present Tense of the Past Tense, and then you need to STAY there.

    2. not ON the field, but IN the field
    3. she MET....named....fell in love...didn't know
    4. There was one problem...was...forbade OR did forbid
    5. found out...she was seeing...explained
    6. The moment we met...
    7. "He is a leprechaun...princess, no non-royal...If Justin WERE a prince... and end with the end quote..."
    8. "You will never see him again."
    9. She planned......every night
    10. sent a note
    11. Dear Justin, "now you are quoting what she wrote in the letter...other; every night......" (end with end quote)
    12. received...agreed...replied
    13. "I read your letter.....please reply."

    Nice story but then I'm partial to leprechauns!


  • Love Story (just to share) -


    I'm was going to edit it anyway

  • Love Story (just to share) -

    About my story I didn't put it in quotes I put it in a different font to look like she wrote the letter.

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