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I'm including the last part of the summary. Thank you. I hope this time the punctuation is better.

1) The creature tells him his story. He explains how he learned to talk by observing a poor peasant family through a chink in the wall.
2) He secretly performed many kind deeds for this family, but in the end, they drove him away when they saw his appearance. The creature confesses that it was indeed he who killed William and framed Justine, and that he did so out of revenge.
3) The creature begs Victor to create a synthetic woman, with whom the creature can live. At first, Victor agrees, but later, he tears up the half-made companion in disgust at the thought that the Female Creature might be just as evil as his original creation.
4) In retribution, the creature kills Henry Clerval, Victor's best friend, and later, on Victor's wedding night, his wife Elizabeth.
5) Soon after, Victor's father dies of grief. Victor now becomes the hunter: he pursues the creature into the Arctic ice, though in vain. He is stranded when an iceberg breaks away, carrying him out into the ocean. Before death takes him, Captain Walton's ship arrives and he is rescued.
Victor's health soon fails, however, and he dies.
6) Unable to convince his shipmates to continue north, Walton is forced to turn back towards England under the threat of mutiny. Finally, the creature boards the ship and finds Victor dead, and greatly laments what he has done to his maker.
7) He swears to commit suicide by burning himself alive. He then leaves the ship upon an ice-raft and disappears into the distance .

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    Everything is fine. Congrats!

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