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Great News today I got my report card my average is 93.50

eng 7 99
outstanding effort
good wk habits
good partictipation

math 7 91
outstanding effort
enthusiatic learner
good partictipation
pleasure to have in

sci 7R 80
satisfactory effort
pleasure to have in

ss 7R 91
satisfactory effort
pleasure to have in

fine art 7 (advanced class) 100
outstanding effort
exhibits talent skills
high advievement
pleasure to have in

music 100
8 (ok that's weird...)

gym A
satisfactory effort

content support 7c
highly motivated
good wk habits
good partictipation
pleasure to have in

I have a feeling Im going to get A LOT of awards in december.

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    I'm really glad I did well in the 1st quarter.

  • My Grades -

    WE are too! :) Sra (aka Mme)

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