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Tarzan, mass 85kg swings down from a tree limb on the end of a 20m vine. his feet touch the ground 4.0m below the limb.

A. how fast is Tarzan moving when he reaches the ground?

B. Does your answer depend on Tarzan's mass?

C. Does your answer depend on the length of the vine?

It doesn't even give you a proper length, it only says 4.0m below the ground, how am I supposed to know how much that is?

Need help with the overall calculations and B. And C.

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    Strictly speaking, his speed at the bottom would not depend upon where his feet are, it would depend upon how far his center of mass dropped. You also need to know where he gripped the vine. Maybe he did not hold it at the very end.

    They also do not say if the vine was initially horizontal. This information is also needed.

    They probably expect you to assume
    V(bottom)^2/2 = g (20 + 4 meters)

    It is not a well defined problem

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