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I work on project and it making a newspaper. I research and write stories to go along with one day in Canada during WW2. It tell me to pick an appropriate day and write stories on the following. I have to write one battle that Canadians be involved in and i choose invasion of italy. Then i write about one issue that was concerning and occupying people on home front and i choose write on conscription crisis. then it tell to give appropriate date to stories. and i draw a political cartoon with regard to one of the issues at home or overseas and i think i do this on conscription too.

teacher say no use wikipedia it not good citation page because it not really give authors. and wikipedia hard for me understand it sort of easy starting then it get hard understand. i want good sites like i want access world book online but it not let me i want easy to understand websites. and also find books to read online. teacher show very good video in class and i wonder if any on internet.

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