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I can't find a good example with "except" followed by the gerund.
I tried to include the other examples myself. Can you please check them? Thank you.

1) She missed having an accident. Is the sentence possible?
2) She approved of his leaving for Paris.
They discussed enrolling for the guitar course.
3) I cannot resist drinking a glass of wine.
4) She approved of Brian's going to the cinema/she consented/agreed to go to the cinema.
5) She expects Brian to be back in an hour's time.
6) She understands cooking. (= She knows
She is familiar with cooking.
7) She was ashamed of being insulted.

  1. Writeacher

    1. Yes, this is possible IF you mean that she was NOT involved in an accident.

    2 - 7 = OK

    He likes all outdoor activities except playing football.

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