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a sample of nitrogen gas has a volume of 1.00 l at STP What is the temp in Celsius if the volume is 10.0 L at 2.00 atm

* I know to use the combined gas law, and I got the question wrong in my homework assignment, reviewing for a test today please help.

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    (P1V1/T1) = (P2V2/T2) which I've rearranged to
    (P1V1T2) + (P2V2T1)
    P1 = 1 atm
    V1 = 1L
    T1 = 273K

    P2 = 2.00 atm
    V2 = 10.0L
    T2 = ?
    (1*1*T2) = (2.00*10.0*273) = about 5460K
    Another thought. Did you remember to use T in Kelvin?
    Last thought. Did you remember to convert 5460 K back to C (the problems asks for C). That will be 5460-273 = 5187. Check my work.

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