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An engine of mass 5000 kg pulls a train of ten trucks each of mass 2000 kg along a horizontal track. Assume that the frictional forces to be 5000 N and that the engine exerts a force of 50 000 N on the rails. If the trucks are numbered from 1 to 10 starting with the one next to the engine calculate:

(a) the net total accelerating force
(b) the acceleration of the train
(c) the force of truck 6 on truck 7
(d) the force of truck 9 on truck 8

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    (a) Net force = 50,000 - 5000 = 45,000 N
    (b) a = (Net force)/M
    where M is the total mass of train and cars, 25,000 kg
    a = 1.8 m/s^2
    (c) (Mass of 4 cars )*a = 14,400 N
    (d) (Mass of 2 cars)*a = ?

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