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a daredevil on a motorcycle leaves the ramp with a speed of 35.0 miles per hour. if his speed is 33.0 miles per hour when he reaches the peak of his path, what is the maximum height that he reaches. ignore friction and air resistance

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    His "launch angle" is
    theta = cos^-1(33/35) = 19.46 degrees

    The initial vertical velocity component is
    Voy = 35*sin(19.46)
    = 11.66 mph
    = 17.1 ft/s

    The time to reach maximum height is
    t' = (Voy)/g = 0.53 seconds

    Maximum height = (1/2)*Voy*t' = 4.5 feet PLUS the initial ramp height where he leaves it. They should have told you what that is.

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