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I need to put these history dates in Chronological order to fill out a history chart on Buddhism. I am not sure the correct order and don't want to get the whole chart wrong. Please help.

5th century B.C.E.
350 C.E.
500 C.E.
819 C.E.
Early 9th century C.E.
845 C.E.

What is the correct chronological order and how could I know how to do this myself? thanks.

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    Your dates are in the correct chronological order except --

    You could put early 9th century C.E. just before 819 C.E.

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    Ms. Sue is correct.
    It is easy to do this yourself. All you need to know that with B.C.E. dates, the higher dates come before the lower dates. For example, 5th century B.C.E. is an earlir date than 3rd Century B.C.E.

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