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Using grammatically correct English sentences describe how the nature of the bonding in MgF2 (s) and Zn(s) differ. (Don't just name the different types of bonding-describe how they are different.

Which of the following are metallic? F2(g), Co(s), NaCl(s), H2O(s), C6H6(l) (benzene), Pb(s), Xe(g)

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    Could you not guess that F2 and Xe, since they are listed as gases, are not metallic? You know NaCl and H2O are not metals. The only solids are Co and Pb and those are the only possibilities out of those listed.

    For the first one, MgF2 is a crystal made of ionic bonds. Zn solid metal are metallic bonds. Use those two types to describe how they are different. Someone here will be happy to critique your thoughts.

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