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I urgently need you to revise these sentences, too. I made some variations, but I have to be sure that everything is OK. I don't know if sentence 1 can make sense.

1) Two philosophical positions, which remain unreconciled in Hamlet's monologue, are expressed in the first lines: one is the Stoic attitude of enduring life's evils and misfortune at all costs and to an end; the other is the belief that, man may end his life by suicide. As a matter of fact, Hamlet can put an end to his sorrows either by committing suicide or by killing Claudius. However, both passive and active resistance are bound to meet failure.
2) The medieval perspective, which considered death as a liberation from the prison of the body, is countered by the Renaissance one, which doubted (or was doubtful about) the existence of an afterlife.

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