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This might be a hard question to answer but I need an example for my speech for speech class. My speech is a persuasive on why you should foster an animal. I am talking about the benfits and how learning responsibility is a benefit. I know there are organizations out there that use animals as responsibility tools for at risk kids, or any child really. (what i mean is the kids are responsible to clean and care for an animal)

If any of you know an organization that does this please tell me so I can use it as my example! thanks

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    Not only with children, but with disabled (many deaf)(also for the mentally ill) people, senior citizens and a wonderful programs where prisoners train puppies to be service dogs for the disabled. Many soldiers coming home from the Middle East with major adjustment problems have dogs to help them.

    Since you asked for organizations specifically that work with children:

    1. Interactive Computer Program: www.animalagentz.com

    2. The relatively new organization AAT (Animal-assisted Therapy)has encouraged groups, such as:

    3. The National Capital Therapy Dogs, Inc. atr the National Institute of Health (NIH)

    4. The Delta Society (which I support, specializes in AAT

    5. Pet Partners - also using AAT

    6. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in disasters

    7. Assistance Dogs International


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    I Need To write a persuasive speech on why women should rule the world can you give me main points and some of histroys must respect women and what they did???

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