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pratical english

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The following sentence is in what tense?
Laura has given donations to the local food bank.

A. Present

B. Present perfect

C. Past perfect

D. Past

i think the answer is b is this correct?

  • pratical english -

    since has given is referring to an event that has already occurred, i would say D.
    also, i find it extremely amusing that your subject is practical english and spelled wrong XD

  • pratical english -

    okay i get on here to get help not be talked trash if i wanted that i would of went to topix. jerk !!!

  • Practical English -

    D. is not correct.

    This sentence uses a helping verb, "has."

    Study this site.

    Which do you think is the answer?

    By the way -- I agree with Cody. You should be able to spell Practical English with correct capitalization.

  • pratical english -

    oh don't misunderstand, i wasn't making fun of you. i have made more typos than i can count. i just thought the fact that the phrase "practical english" was misspelled was ironic. i meant no offense to you personally, merely finding the situation humorous.

  • pratical english -

    B. is the correct answer.

  • pratical english -

    apparently i don't know my english either XD

    in my opinion, the english language is too complicated for its own good

  • pratical english -

    haha thanks for trying cody and sorry i jumped at you i took it the wrong way.

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