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1. Find the LCM of (8+7), (64-49v^2), and (8-7v)

2. Find the LCM of 14x^7 and 98x^5

3. Find all numbers for which the rational expression is undefined

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    I'll assume that 8+7 is really 8+7v

    Note that 64-49v^2 = (8+7v)(8-7v), so that would also be the LCM of those three expressions.

    14x^7 = 14x^5 * x^2
    98x^5 = 14x^5 * 7

    LCM(a,b) = ab/GCD(a,b)

    GCD = 14x^5
    LCM = 14x^7 * 98x^5 / 14x^5 = 98x^7

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