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Please help, i really don't understand what this question means, in what s Videos Maps News Gmail More Stephanie Chu order are ions named in an ionic compound: negative ion followed by positive ion or postive followed by negative.
Please no links, i already tried that .

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    * THE question is : In what order are the ions named in an ionic compound: negative ion followed by positive ion or positive ion followed by negative ion.

  • Science 9 -

    We HELP by giving you links, to show you where to look. However, in this case, I have been through at least 20 links without finding your answer! It would appear that positive and attract negative but negative can also attract positive! Then that would mean that the answer to this "simple question" could b e either way? This is NOT my field, but I did find the email of one of the "authors" of a link who offered to answer questions:


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