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A satellite made of aluminum with mass 3500 kg travels on circulated path in 100 km height over the earth. Because of airresistance of the airveil the satellite loses energy and falls in a spiral down to earth. a) What is the mechanical energy of the satellite in the beginning and when he hits the earth. What is the change of the mechanical energy? b) If the whole mechanical energy transformes to heat, can the heat of the satellite get the melting point of aluminum? (Here you have to find heat capacity and the melting point of aluminum and use equation: Q=mcΔT).

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    a) mechanical energy= PE+KE
    PE= m(mearth*g*(Re/(Re+altitude)) *^2* altitude
    KE= 1/2 m v^2 where v is found by

    mv^2/(Re+h)= PE/h
    solve for v.

    b) mechanical energy at end? zero

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