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using the titration equation below calculate the number of moles of molecular iodine (I2) that must have reacted with the sodium thiosulfate

I2(aq)+2S2O3^2-(aq) ---->S4O6^2-(aq)+2I-(aq)

Can someone plz help me to figure this out with steps and explanation if possible thanks =]

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    I could if you provided enough information but you didn't provide any numbers. The problem is asking for numbers from a) your experiment OR b) the problem you must work.
    Take the moles of S2O3^2- you calculated from whatever (that is M x L = moles), then
    moles S2O3^2- x (1 mole I2/2 moles S2O3^2-) = moles S2O3^2- x (1/2) = moles I2.

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