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Who am I?
I am a 4-digit number wih no two digits the same. My ones digit is twice my thousands digit. My hundreds digit is the diference between my tens and my thousands digit. My thousands digit is an odd number less than 6.

I got one answer which was 3476. Ineed to come up with atleast a few more.

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    That requires a lot of thinking. Your first digit can't be a 5 because if you double that, then you get a 10, and that will leave you with five digits. It can't be a 1 either because if you double that, then you are left with 2, and it says that your thousands digit has to be an odd number less than 6. Very tricky, hopefully you'll be able to come up with more. Sorry I tried, but couldn't :P

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    And even 7 cannot play a role here, because it has to be less than 6, and it's not a perfect square, its a prime number. Can't place 9 at the end either because three goes into it thrice, not twice :P

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