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A gas generator is constructed to collect the CO2(g) evolved from a reaction.
during lab we set up the CO2 generator by placing 10ml of 3 M HCL in a 200mm test tube. then slide the 75mm test tube into the 200mm test tube without splashing any of the acid into the sample. The HCl is in the 200mm test tube and separately the CaCO3 sample which is in the 75mm test tube is inserted. Then the generator is gently agitate to allow some of the HCL solution to contact the sample mixture. As the evolution rate of CO2(g) decreases, the generator is agitate again and again until the CO2(g) is no longer evolved. Suppose 6 M HCL is substituted for the 3 M HCl in the procedure. What would be the consequence of this substitution? Explain

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    It will take 1/2 the amount of HCl if the concn is doubled from 3M to 6M.

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