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Soc 331

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Discuss current trends affecting social welfare. Do modern trends favor the solution of social issues? What are the most effective social welfare organizations today in your opinion, and why?

I think that modern trends do favor solution, but I'm not exactly sure how. i believe SSI and foodstamps are two of the many succesful welfare programs

  • Soc 331 -

    Subsidized housing and training programs also help.

  • Soc 331 -

    social issues: guns, killing, high divorce rate, high structural unemployment, loss of manufacturing jobs, greed, and corruption.

    Exactly what current trends do you see that favor solution to these?

    SSI is effective? You have to be kidding. What is your measure of effectiveness.

    Social Security is effective, WIC is effective. Obamacare if it had the public option (to put competition on the shoulders of Health insurers) would be effective.

    The Food Bank is effective.

    THe Public Health Service is effective in the limited things they do (they are very limited).

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