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The word Divorce can make a lot of people feel hurt, angry, and depressed. But for others, it can mean the end to a bad or abusive marriage. Many people do not like to talk about it, but it can put a huge strain on kids’ lives in a physical or emotional way. Most kids think they are the reason their parents are not together. Some causes of divorce are finance, arguments, and mostly kids are the one’s who are affected by it.
We all know that no one’s perfect, but everyone has a past and sometimes people just have to learn to deal with it. From my experience some people get divorced because they let others control their relationship and control the way they handle their partner. If we learn how to control ourselves, then regardless of what anyone else says it can last. As grown people we tend not to realize how others can affect the way a person think about life itself. We seek others for advice, but we never rely on our own judge of character. When people are looking on the outside, they do not really know what going on inside of the situation, they only trying to change what is going on in the marriage. Sometimes the only person looking out for a person is that person and no one else. It is really how a person handle things that makes a person a better and smarter person, and do not let other control what happen to them.
When kids are involved in a divorce, they often have to deal with the physical and emotional part of the separation. Like for example, if mom moves to another state and leaves daddy, then the kids have to deal with the thought of only seeing daddy on a weekend. It put the kids in a physical and emotional state of being because nine times out of ten daddies has already started dating again. Which leave the kids with the thought of trying their best to get along with mommy or daddy new partner? Some kids also have to deal with the fact that they may have to take on some adult responsibilities, because there is only one parent in the household who needs their help. We all go through a change in our lives, but when it comes to the kids, parents need to sit them down and let them know why their parents are no longer together. To me it gives them the sense of peace to know they were not the cause for this decision. In an article I read, this girl name Esi, was explaining how her parents came to her and explained why they were no longer together. She talks about how she did not understand why they were getting a divorce because she never seen them fight. How difficult it was to deal with them not being together. (“Dealing with Divorce” 7).
Sometimes money can be the cause for a divorce, it can also make or break them too. Most people get married because they feel as if that their partner can take care of them. But sometimes they have to realize it takes two to make the money go smooth in a marriage. If two people can stop dividing their money in two different pots and makes it one whole, then maybe it can help them learn to share the responsibility of how handle their finance better. To me, as women, we need to put an equal share in the pot in order to have something and stop depending on man a to be the only one to bring home the bread and butter. According to, “Taking the family out of the family business”, a divorce attorney gave details of how money can make people split up property and business in a 50/50 basic (Randall 71).

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