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Could you please help me revise the rephrase of these sentences from Colerdige's The Ballad of the Ancient Mariner?

1) "The ship was cheered, the harbour cleared,
Merrily did we drop
Below the kirk, below the hill..."
The ship was cheered and they left the harbour. They went below the prow (I think "kirk" is the archaic word for "prow")
2)The mariners were then caught (can you say "struck") by (or in?) a violent storm, then by mist and snow and finally were surrounded by ice.
3) The storm is personified as a huge bird, chasing the ship with its large wings.
4) The ship drove fast southwards with its sloping masts (I need a synonym for "sloping" and "dipping") and dipping prow chased by the loud storm. 5) The ice was as high as the mast and as green as emerald. The weather grew terribly cold and the land of ice was dominated by fearful sounds where no living creature was to be seen.
6) In particular, the ice is presented as a dangerous creature which made deep, very loud noises. (" It cracked and growled and roared and howled").
7) It growled like a dog, roared like a lion and howled like a wolf.
Colerdige uses metaphors taken from the animal world.

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    We've hammered away on "Ancient Mariner" before ... at length.

    Choose the 3 or 4 that you REALLY need help with ... then re-post.

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