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Definition for Biofuel,Hydroelectricity,Geothermal,and wind energy

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    Biofuel-clean fuel made from recent living things

    Hydroelectricity- Hydro means water electricity made from moving water

    Geothermal- geo means earth and thermal means heat energy(heat) from inside the earth

    Wind energy- using wind to generate electricity like windmills,wind farms

  • Science -

    ____ are fuels made from renewble resources

    You have to use ___ to grow plants and extract ethanol

    2 alternative biofuels are ___ and ___

  • Science -

    1st one is biofuels

    2nd one is energy

    3rd one is ethanol and you find the other one :D if you cant just tell me

  • Science -

    I love you!

  • Science -

    Its biodiesel

  • Science -

    Love me?

  • Science -

    yeah baby bring it on!

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