Solubility of gases

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Can somebody tell me a list of (common) gases that are soluble, moderately soluble, and insoluble in water? I would like to know which gases can be collected using the downward displacement of water method.

Noble gases

Thank you!

  1. Dr Russ

    I used to use the handbook of chemistry and physics "Rubber book" for this sort of problem, I presume there must be one available on-line or you could check you college library. So for the gases above

    CO2 is partially soluble in water but can be collected by downward displacement of water if measures to prevent suck back are used.

    O2 is also slightly soluble in water but there is no problem in collecting by downward displacement of water (this is a common school method to collect O2 to demonstrate properties of O2).

    SO2 is soluble in water so cannot be collect in this way. Because SO2 is denser than air a sample is usually collected by upward displacement of air.

    CO and H2 are slightly soluble in water but there is no problem in collecting by downward displacement of water(this is a common school method to collect H2 to demonstrate properties of H2).

    Noble gases are not soluble in water and so there is no problem in collecting by downward displacement of water, if you have a source of the gas.

    F2 reacts with water and forms O2 and HF.

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