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Help please-I'm totally lost-

How would I simplify (2x^5 y^4 z^3/x^-1 y^5 z^5)^-1

Thank you for any help you can give me-I'm so stuck for my homeworkk tonight. I know I can bring up the negatives to top and negative to bottom to make them positive but besides that-I don't get it

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    Start out with the fraction as written. The wherever there is a negative exponent, swap between numerator and denominator:

    Invert the fraction:
    = x-1y5z5/2x5y4z3
    = y5z/2xxyz
    = yz/2xyz

    Now subtract exponents, leaving the larger portion where it is:


  • Algebra -

    Oops. Lost track of the exponents:
    y^5 z^5 / 2x^5 x^1 y^4 z^3
    y^5 z^5 / 2x^6 y^4 z^3

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