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S=6x^2 is the surface area of a cube. Find the exact change in surface area when x is increased from 6 cm to 6.1 cm .

Please Help.
It makes no sense.

  • Calculus -

    I assume x is a side length.

    dS=12x dx

    find dS, you are given x as 6cm, dx as .1

    S(6.1)=6*37.21 EXACT change 6*1.21cm^2=7.38
    Now, using linear approximation.

    Now notice the exact change is 7.38, the incremental change is 7.2

    This indicates a bias in an increasing function. If you had used the midpoint value initially (6.05) dx=.1

    So why is it off slightly? The area equation is NOT linear, yet we used the linear approximation model (origvalue+ slope*changex)

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