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Social Studies

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Im working on a review booklet for Social Studies and theres a couple questions Im having problems with, my test is tomorrow so I don't have time to ask my teacher , hope you can help ! :)

First Question:
"The scramble for Africa" began in the late 1800s when almost every nation in Europe tried to obtain colonies in Africa to gain economic and political power in a huge international competition. The term for this period in history is
A) neocolonialism
B) The New Imperialism
C) Apartheid
D) The Enlightenment

Second Question:
How did the "Enlightenment" contribute to the Industrial Revolution?
A) People used technology to create greater prosperity for all.
B) Reasoning was used to solve human problems.
C) Electricity used int he production of material goods.
D) People came to accept that each individual has value.

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