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Here is another exercise I include on the use of the infinitive/gerund.

Complete the following sentences using gerund or infinitive (with or without to) forms of the verbs in brackets.

1. She swore (tell) __________ the truth.
2. She mentioned (move) __________ into a new house.
3. The teacher postponed (write) __________ the test.
4. She always avoids __________ (be questioned).
5. It will be difficult for me (finish) __________ my project work by tomorrow. 6. I can’t help (think) __________ how beautifully Jane sings.
7. Did you remember (lock) __________ all the doors?
8. He has given up (play) __________ chess.
9. I finished (type) __________ the letter a minute ago. 10.
The boss threatened (fire) __________ me unless I obeyed him.
10. We regret (inform) __________ you that you failed your test.

  • English -

    5 - delete "work"

    All others are fine.

    What answers are you expecting for each one?

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