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1. 12/21=X/7, What's X=
2. 12/16=6/Z, What's Z=
3. 4/14=20/Y, What's Y=
4. 16/14=8/Z, what's Z=

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    I will do #3
    If I understand the instructions , it would go like this
    4/14 = 20/y
    20/70 = 20/y
    so y = 70

    I hope that you are taught "cross-multiplying" soon
    then 4y = 280
    y = 70

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    I'll get you started.

    1. 12/21=X/7

    21/7 = 3
    12/3 = 4

    12/21 = 4/7

    2. 12/16=6/Z = 3/4

    I'll be glad to check your answers for the other two problems.

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