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Analyze the realtion between Angela nd Gracey. It is correct?

The book “Angela”, written by James Moloney, deals with the friendship of Angela and
Gracey, which drifts apart by a historical conflict, because the girls come from two completely different social backgrounds.

In the beginning of the book, the two friends do not see any differences between them. Although Gracey is an Aboriginal, while Angela is a White teenager who has a middle-class family. For Angela is the skin-colour of Gracey not important and therefore unnecessary.

They were friends during elementary and highschool and then they decided to go to the same university
Furthermore she is well integrated and therefore there are no problems in their friendship.
Angela and Gracey know each other very well and always help each other. “No one
knew Gracey better than me” (p.7 l.18). Besides her friendship to Angela, Gracey also has a good relationship to Angela’s family. “You don’t need to be lonely, Grace. You’ve got to me and my family. You’re part of us now. We could almost be sisters. More like twins really” (p.27 l.31-32).
Another important aspect, that connects the two girls, is the honesty between them. Their honesty is shown when they talk about the negative traits of each other. This
shows that they can talk about everything without exception. All in all they have an easygoing relationship in the beginning of the book.

The meeting with the “gubba man” is the turning point in the story. After meeting him, Angela changes her point of view regarding her relationship to Gracey, given the historical
background of Gracey’s family. The past stands between the best friends and they begin to
recognize that they are different. Although the relationship becomes complicated, Angela is
very frustrated because of Gracey’s decision to go back to Cunningham. “I had never lost
anyone close to me. […] until now” (p. 177 l.12-14) In the end of the book their friendship
has a highlight as Gracey trusts her best friend so much, that she tells Angela her biggest
secret; her aboriginal name. “A single word. Janderil” (p.182 l.32-134). During the whole
time, Gracey’s past has been a secret and now it reunites the friends again and strengthens
their relationship.
All in all the distance between Angela and Gracey is the same in the beginning and the ending
of the book. Their distinctive friendship is illustrated as they do not let each other separate
through any problem.

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