7th English Essay - Diversity Means - Culture

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Is there any info. on fun and interesting facts about Culture?

  • 7th English Essay - Diversity Means - Culture -

    Laruen -- please stick with your assignment.

    As I recall, it's to tell what diversity means to you.

  • 7th English Essay - Diversity Means - Culture -

    An integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behavior that depends upon the capacity for symbolic thought and social learning

    The set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution, organization, or group

    Is this is good to add

    At my school we have Multi- Cultural Committee. Im going to do some reasearch on that.

  • 7th English Essay - Diversity Means - Culture -

    Good! Please learn about your school's Multi-cultural Committee.

  • 7th English Essay - Diversity Means - Culture -

    I am that's why Im doing some research plus Im going to do some research on multiculturalism! :)

  • 7th English Essay - Diversity Means - Culture -

    The Haitian Creole language as a beautiful example of diversity in Haiti. It's a mixture of some African languages, Arabic, Spanish, Taino, Arawak, and English. It shows how the people have combined their various native languages to produce a language that all of them can understand.


  • Wonderful News!!! :) -

    Thank You!!!
    I can use that

    anyways I have some wonderful news

    THIS IS GREAT!!! :)

    As I waz reading my school club info. it was great. It tells me what we do in our diversity in our school. Oh also we have International Peace day at my school plus we have bully prevention month and we celebrate it by wearing Orange showing that we care. Also we had Make A Diffrence day at my school for the gr 8th they had to go on a field trip to do community service and take care of the old people well just visit them while the gr 7th like me did some actitivtes. I remember writing this article for the school newspaper (we didn't start it yet the advisor told me to write the article)

    On “Make a Difference Day” my class and I did some activities. In Social Studies we had to write a 3 paragraph essay about what can we do to make a difference, in the world, in our community. I wrote that in order to make a difference in my community we should help the poor and the animals in the shelters. We should also recycle and make sure that struggling students receive free tutoring.
    In math class we were supposed to go to the computer lab or to the library to log on Freerice. Freerice is a website for kids where they answer questions on what subject you choose. We were going to answer some math questions. If you get every answer right the website will donate money to the poor around the world. However we could not use the computers because the server was down.
    In English, my teacher Mrs. Langenmayr put our desks around the room like a square. She required that we should take out a sheet of paper and write our name on top then pass it to the next person. We had to write nice things about each other even thought we don’t like the person. After the person write a nice thing about us we switch and switch. Later on in the period, after I got my paper back a lot of my classmates wrote that I’m smart and a very good at drawing. Some students even wrote that I’m cool. I felt very good about myself. All in all I had a wonderful time on “Make a Difference” Day.

  • 7th English Essay - Diversity Means - Culture -


  • 7th English Essay - Diversity Means - Culture -


    Thank You!!!

    Wow NOW i have info. by then I'll have a cathy title for my essy get a good grade and when hand in to the PTA Reflections I'LL WIN!!! :)

    do u like article ?
    also at my school around feburary we have passport day
    passport da is like in each classroom their is a contrey like japan or jamacian and you try the food, listen to their music, do fun activites (maybe arts and crafts) it's really fun this is my first year so I been knowing that becuase I have a friend who been to me school is now in high school. So does passport day counts for my essay?

  • 7th English Essay - Diversity Means - Culture -

    It sure does belong in your essay!

    I'm proud of you, Laruen, you are understanding diversity!

    I'm signing off now, but I look forward to helping you after 11 a.m. tomorrow.

  • 7th English Essay - Diversity Means - Culture -

    Ok Ms.Sue

    Thank You!!!

    Good Night!!!!

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