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english grammar checking

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Just wondering if my grammar looks good.:)

Some people find fables to be a negative thing because they are clearer then what they would actually be in reality.
Like they teach children that the good always win or gain the good thing.
I disagree with this view point because morals give us consequences of things.
yeah maybe good don't always win in life but being responsible, and a good person can really effect the environment, and the people around us.
Like if I keep lying to people they will take a negative view on me and will basically never believe what I say. If I don’t plan my work correctly it can damage my work and wont give me the grade I want. That is what fables teach us.
I think fables teach us values more than actually having a negative impact on us.

I think fables always give positive impacts on children. I really think teaching them to children is a positive thing. Fables don’t waste the child’s' time to just distract them in something. No, they can give the child these lessons that will frame in his/her personality, and will be carried on in life.
The child will take these lessons and will pass them on to their children as they grow to make this world a more positive, and peaceful world. Fables teach us many values we need to make this a better world . Like they teach us honesty, caring, responsibility, not to judge people on how they look.
We need these lessons to form a more peaceful environment. That is why I think fables are a positive thing to teach to children.

  • english grammar checking -

    "clearer then what" = than, not then

    "yeah maybe good don't always win" I would not use slang with "yeah" in an essay, and the first word of a sentence is capitalized. Plus don't is bad grammar = good doesn't

    Check the dictionary for the difference between "effect" and "affect"

    "negative view on me" = view OF me

    "that will frame in his/her" drop "in" = frame his/her


  • english grammar checking -

    thank you sooooooooooo much :)) thanx for all the help

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