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I urgently need your help to check these sentences. Thank you.

1) 2) I don't think our school can organize a first meeting so early but I can do my best so that our students will get to know each other very soon.
2) It would be nice if our students could practice their English with yours by sending each other emails. They could start writing about themselves and then we could choose topics of discussion from the ones dealth with in class. (I want to make clear that the teachers themselves will choose the topics of discussion).
3) My email was for you and not for Mrs. Smith. Actually, I got confused when typing the receiver's address.
4) We are looking for a school like yours where subjects such as "Global studies" are taught in English and Italian is offered as a foreign language, too. I really hope your school is still interested in a partnership with us.

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    It looks good.


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    2. dealt with (no h)

    4. ...a school like yours in which ...

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    Also in 4 -- comma after 'English'

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