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I need help with socials homework. Have written parapgraphs below but need help with answers. Tried myself to get them but not certain if I got right.

On September 8, Prime Minister King called a special session of Parliament to decide Canada's response. King gave a strong speech in favor of declaring war. His minister of justice, Ernest Lapointe from Quebec, also spoke in favour of the war, which helped convince Quebec voters that Canada's involvement in the war was necessary. But Lapointe spoke bluntly about what Conscription would do to Liberal supporters in Quebec. "I am authorized by my colleagues in the cabinet from Quebec," he informed Parliament, "to say that we will never agree to conscription and will never be members or supporters of a government that will try to enforce it." King assured Parliament, and Quebec, that "So long as this government may be in power, no such measure [Conscription] shall be enacted." King's position on joining the way was supported by the opposition Conservation Party. Only J.S Woodsworth, leader of the Commonwealth Cooperative Federation(CCF), argued against going to war.


What assurance did Mackenzie King give Canadians during the debate on Canada's involvement in the war? Why did he do this?

Assurance that Mackenzie King gave Canadians during the debate on Canada's involvement in the war was that as long as the Canadian government may be in power, no such measure like conscription would be enacted. He did this because ?

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    If conscription were enacted, the government would lose its Liberal supporters.

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    Thanks you veryy much

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    You're very welcome.

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