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I urgently need to express these concepts. (Actually, I tried to express the same concept in two different ways). I hope you can help me.

1) Thank you very much for your cooperation in carrying out a common project involving both our school.
2) I can perfectly understand that it will take more time for you to find teachers who are willing to devote time and energy to the project.
3) I wonder if our students could start emailing (sending e-mails in English?) so as to get to know one another. We could create an internet forum on the school webpage to which only the students taking part in the project can access (I don't know how to express it).
4) I really hope your teachers will agree on this idea, which will be mainly based on the students' own involvement and cooperation.
5) As a Comenius project is very demanding from the teachers' side (requires time and energy for the teachers involved), we could start with an e-mail partnership followed by a students' exchange in which our teachers may agree on a Comenius project.
6) Hoping that your teachers will agree on this proposal, I send you my best regards.

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    1) both our schoolS

    2) rather than "to which" try just "webpage which only..."

    4) agree on this idea? or agree to this idea


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