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Four good friends, who love cats, have each named their cat after one of the other friends. Of the clues that follow, only one is true; the others are false. Which friend owns which cat?
a.Candy’s cat is named either Dody or Alice.
b.Betsy’s cat is named Alice.
c.Either the cat named Candy or the cat named Betsy is owned by Dody.
d.Neither the cat named Betsy nor the cat named Candy belongs to Alice.
e.The cat named Dody does not belong to Candy or Betsy

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    Clues, maybe slightly rearranged so they all read consistently:

    C owns A or D
    B owns A
    D owns B or C
    A owns D (not B or C)
    C owns A or B; B owns A or C

    Assuming the 1st clue is true, and all the others are false, we now have

    C owns A or D
    B owns C or D (not A)
    D owns A (not B or C)
    A owns B or C
    B or C owns D

    So, we see that
    A owns B
    B owns C
    C owns D
    D owns A

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    Thanks Steve!

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