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1. Neither the fracture nor the lacerations __________ surgery.
A) require
B) requires

2. He wondered __________ he should see about his abdominal pain.
A) who
B) whom

3. The patient and __________ were lifted carefully onto a stretcher.
A) her
B) she

4. Although the medication was __________, she claimed to have never actually taken any.
A) hers
B) her's

5. A person as young as _________ should not have problems with ovarian cysts.
A) her
B) herself
C) she

My answers:

1. A
2. A
3. B
4. B


  • Grammar -

    Only one answer is correct. Please go back and study your text materials.

  • Grammar -

    4 answers, but 5 questions???

  • Grammar -

    Woops! My answer to number 5 is C.

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