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3. Which factor below helps species avoid extinction?
A. Low reproductive rates
B. high economic importance
C. limited habitats in which to live
D. able to adapt to changes in their habitat
I think its D.
4. If there continues to be a loss in biodiversity in plants and animals, which prediction would be correct?
A. There would be a change in climate and weather.
B. There would be a change in animal interactions and populations.
C. There would be an increase in animal species
D. Both A and B
I think its D.

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    I agree that 3D is correct

    For #4, why would animal biodiversity affect weather and climate? I'd have chosen just B.

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    3D is definatly correct. As for 4, I would choose B because populations would decrease and limit interaction between organisms. A is not correct because though a change in climate and weather could cause a loss in biodiversity, a loss in biodiversity can not change he weather. C is not the correct answer to this question but it is theoretically possible. As biodiversity decreases some animals have been known to change drastically in a short time to cope with the changes. For example: the komodo dragon populations in Indonesia have been falling fairly quickly in recent years due to global warming. It was found that female komodo's were still producing eggs without the presence of males in the area. This change happened in a matter of a few months and the komodo dragon populations have been stedially increasing ever since. The females adapted to their environment as fast as possible which has allowed the species to come back from the brink of extinction.

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