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Random variable X is normally distributed with mean 10 and standard deviation 2.
Compute the following probabilities.
a. Pr(X<10)
b. Pr(X<11.04)

I don't know where to start.

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    a) P(X<10) gives a z-score of (10-10)/2 = 0
    b) P(X<11.04) gives a z-score of (11.04-10)/2 = .52

    You must be given a table of "normal distribution" or have access to a program that duplicates the table or chart.
    I use this one

    You can use it directly without finding the z-scores

    e.g. for b)
    enter: mean: 10 , Sd: 2, click on below and enter 11.04 to get .698468

    enter: mean: 0 , Sd: 1 , click on "below" and enter the z-score of .52 to get .698468

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