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Karl Marx's ideas are the foundation of

A) communism
B) capitalism
C) mercantilism
D) fascism

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    Read carefully and let us know what you decide.

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    I've read a lot about him , i think it is C but I'm not sure . There is info on him that leads me to other answers as well...

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    Use Ctrl + F and type in manifesto. What is your conclusion?

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    I'm still not sure

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    Didn't you find the title of the book he wrote with Friedrich Engels? That alone gives it away!

    From the Spartacus link above:
    In July 1845 Marx and Engels visited England. They spent most of the time consulting books in Manchester Library. Marx also visited London where he met the Chartist leader, George Julian Harney and political exiles from Europe.

    When Karl Marx returned to Brussels he concentrated on finishing his book, The German Ideology. In the book Marx developed his materialist conception of history, a theory of history in which human activity, rather than thought, plays the crucial role. Marx was unable to find a publisher for the book, and like much of his work, was not published in his lifetime.

    In January 1846 Marx set up a Communist Correspondence Committee. The plan was to try and link together socialist leaders living in different parts of Europe. Influenced by Marx's ideas, socialists in England held a conference in London where they formed a new organisation called the Communist League. Marx formed a branch in Brussels and in December 1847 attended a meeting of the Communist League' Central Committee in London. At the meeting it was decided that the aims of the organisation was "the overthrow of the bourgeoisie, the domination of the proletariat, the abolition of the old bourgeois society based on class antagonisms, and the establishment of a new society without classes and without private property".

    When Marx returned to Brussels he concentrated on writing The Communist Manifesto. Based on a first draft produced by Friedrich Engels called the Principles of Communism, Marx finished the 12,000 word pamphlet in six weeks. Unlike most of Marx's work, it was an accessible account of communist ideology. Written for a mass audience, the book summarised the forthcoming revolution and the nature of the communist society that would be established by the proletariat.

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    Oh that helps , so the answer is A then .

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    Yes, right.

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    Thank you!

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    You're welcome. =)

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