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A mi profesor le duele la garganta.

If someone has a pain in the throat would this be how I would write it with indirect pronoun??
If there was a pain in the mouth and you went to dentist could I say:
A ti te duele los dientes or would I say A ti te duele la boca?

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    Please recheck from earlier post-I'm not sure what is wrong with it-

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    yes, le is singular, clarified by the a mi profesor. the throat pains to whom? the teacher

    a ti te is asking "do YOUR teeth hurt? you wouldn't ask the dentist if his/her teeth hurt. You might say "a mi (accent on i) me dueleN los dientes. (teeth are plural - need duelen)" Me duele la boca = my MOUTH hurts.

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    I'm glad Anonymous answered you, because I had computer problems until a few minutes ago so I was unable to read anything last night or this morning.

    Look at it this way: my teeth (they are hurting) = me duelen los dientes.

    Parts of the body and clothing use the definite article (el, la, los, las) so you need the indirect pronoun to say TO WHOM these things are happening.


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