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fourth degree polynomial p(x) whose graph is symmetric about the y-axis, and which has a y-intercept of 10, and global maxima at (1,13) and (-1, 13).

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    If it is even, P(x)=ax^4+bx^2+c

    P(0)=10 so c is 10
    maximum at x=+-1
    so 5ax^2=-2b
    or 5a=-2b or a=-5/2 b

    but P(1)=13=(-5/2 b)*1+ b(1)+10
    or 3/2 b=10 b=20/3 and a=-5/2 * 20/3=100/6

    check P(-1)=13
    it checks.

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    Why do we end up with f(x) instead of f(t) on the Second Fundamental Theorem of Calculus?

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