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Here are a few more of the predicate adjective or predicate noun sentences I need help with to see if I used the right one.

Wildflowers look lovely on the hillsides. PA

Mounties on horesback are a common sight. PN

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police's nickname is the Mounties. PN

These mounties look impressive in their brown jackets. PA

Their uniforms are a symbol of their authority. PA

This police force became important in the 1800's. PA

The officers are government officals.PN

The Mounties are the model for police forces in many countries.PA

Their standards seem high. PA

Only talented people can be officers.PN

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    These are wrong. The rest are correct.

    Their uniforms are a symbol of their authority. PA

    The Mounties are the model for police forces in many countries.PA

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