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Traces the creation of the American government from Ancient Greece to Shay's rebellion.

What am I supposed to do???

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    By the way Google is currently not working on my computer, so if your going to give me search sites please use Bing

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    This topic is so broad I do not know where to start:
    Athenian democracy - pure democracy, nice but practical only in a small city state. Even there it led to tyranny of the majority and for example they voted to murder Socrates.
    Roman Republic - Next step toward our representative republican form of government but senate was nobles, More like oligarchy. It degenerated into empire after Julius Caesar with only the trappings of a republic.
    England - Magna Carta establishing basic rights, but again for nobles.
    John Locke - principles of democracy
    American revolution - federal republic (not a democracy as in Athens by the way but a Union of States with representatives in Washington. That is why we have an electoral college and not popular vote nation wide for president - important principle often forgotten.
    Shay's - assume you are just studying this objection to the new US system.

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    By the way the issues in Shay's rebellion are strikingly similar to the Occupy Wall Street protests happening right now, as I am sure your teacher has pointed out.

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    Tank you very much for your help.:) actually my teacher hasn't pointed anything out since I don't have one. My younger brother and I are home-schooled.

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    You don't have a teacher? I thought parents were teachers for home-schooled students.

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