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The atmosphere of Mars exerts a pressure of only 600 Pa on the surface and has a density of only 0.02 kg/m3.
(a) What is the thickness of the Martian atmosphere, assuming the boundary between atmosphere and outer space to be the point where atmospheric pressure drops to 0.01% of its value at surface level? (The mass of Mars is 6.4186 1023 kg and the radius of Mars is 3.3895 106 m.)

(b) What is the atmospheric pressure at the bottom of Mars's Hellas Planitia canyon, at a depth of 7 km?

(c) What is the atmospheric pressure at the top of Mars's Olympus Mons volcano, at a height of 27 km?

(d) Compare the relative change in air pressure, Äp/p, between these two points on Mars and between the equivalent extremes on Earth—the Dead Sea shore, at 400 m below sea level, and Mount Everest, at an altitude of 8850 m.
(ÄP/P)Mars/(ÄP/P)Earth =

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