Confused about how this is worded?

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I'm having a hard time trying to understand what my teacher and the article I read are saying here? Could you put it into easier words for me?

For the West, "A house was a capital investment, perhaps the prototype for all fixed capital investment, an assertion of culture in the face of nature.” But for the Chinese, “A house was a charge on income, an extension of consumer non-durables, an adaptation of culture to nature.”

In what way does this example of a Chinese house support Adshead's conclusion? In other words, does the house strike you as an “adaptation of culture to nature”?

What does he mean by "an adaptation of culture to nature?"

  • Confused about how this is worded? -

    Animals and ancient peoples took shelter any where they could. A "house" provided shelter from the elements. To the West, a house was a source of pride and status. To the Chinese, a house was simply a structure to keep the family warm and dry.

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